Rooted in a tradition of quality craftsmanship, we have constantly evolved to meet the needs of industries worldwide. Over time, we expanded our offerings to include cord production, and starting from 2023, we have been producing Small O-rings made with special materials.

Our dedication to excellence is evident in our product, service, and our commitment to environmental sustainability. We continually strive to enhance our assistance to better serve our customers every day.

2002production system testing begin
2006first O-Ring sold (with Duci)
2010OringOne foundation
10,2 MLNpieces sold 2010-2024
0.074%claimed parts / year
3.420 x 10largest FFKM O-Ring (mm)
7.410 x 60biggest O-Ring (mm)
23.350 x 42largest O-Ring (mm)
DensityHardnessTensile StrengthElongationtr 10C.SET 48H % (°C)C.SET 72H % (°C)T. MinT. Max