Maximum customisation, zero minimum order requirements, high-quality performance and reliable products made from the finest compounds. Oringone's o-rings are versatile units designed to meet the widest possible range of customer requirements. Let's discover six good reasons for choosing an o-ring by Oringone.

Compounds and materials. Performance and quality for your o-rings

Oringone products are manufactured using rubber compounds that make it possible to achieve optimal conditions in contact with different types of fluid, very high or low temperatures, for situations with specific chemical and physical characteristics, and in static or dynamic contexts.

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There are eight categories of elastomer compounds for o-rings, all with specific characteristics:

  • EPDM. Ethylene propylene diene monomer. Ideal configurations for withstanding atmospheric agents, with high resistance to water and steam
  • AFLAS. Tetrafluoroethylene propylene copolymer. Compounds ideal for situations comprising chemicals or steam at very high pressure
  • CR. Polychloroprene. Good resistance to oils, ozone, sunlight, atmospheric agents and flames
  • FFKM. Perfluoroelastomer. Substances with excellent resistance to heat and chemicals, used for compounds with very high performance.
  • FKM. Fluoroelastomer. Compounds for the automotive industry, elastomers with high resistance to ageing, oils and mineral greases.
  • HNBR. Hydrogenated nitrile. Good materials for air conditioning systems, with excellent mechanical properties.
  • NBR. Acrylonitrile butadiene copolymer. Compounds for non-critical applications, with high resistance to minerals and oils.
  • VMQ. Polyvinyl methylsiloxane. Compounds specially designed for the biomedical sector and the foods industry.

O-rings of all sizes. From micro to macro

By virtue of Oringone's CO.SM.O. (Compression Step Moulding for O-Rings) system, O-rings can be manufactured with no limitations on diameter size, starting from a minimum of 200.00 mm.

With its state-of-the-art technology, Oringone can meet all customer requirements in terms of product size, right through to large-diameter O-rings.

Oringone size. Precision and detail with dimensional report

Precision is a key element for high-performance o-rings of faultless efficiency. That is why Oringone also offers an accurate dimensional report service at the moment of order delivery, on request from its client companies.

If so desired, prior to the dispatch of materials, all the units are individually measured, and the results are compiled into an accompanying document with data at very high levels of detail.

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No minimum o-ring order. You can specify exactly the quantity you need

Oringone works on a case-by-case basis. For each specific client request, any quantity can be manufactured, from a single unit right up to thousands of pieces.

By means of the flexible organisation of its manufacturing infrastructure, the company is able to produce specific quantities, without the client having to purchase pre-determined or minimum quantities.

Custom o-rings. An O-ring tailored to your requirements

Oringone's o-rings can be customised not only as regards the unit itself, but also for the o-ring packaging, giving clients the option of deciding how to personalise their products.

For example, customers can specify that the o-rings should be delivered in a single bag, or packed individually, or identified with coloured markings. On request, each o-ring can be printed with the description specified by the client, at no additional cost.

Likewise, the information label can be personalised, so that it includes one or more identifying messages provided by the client. Similarly, the o-rings can be delivered – on request – in a neutral box, without the normal Oringone branding.

Xpress Service. Your o-ring when you need it, wherever you are

Flexibility and speed are two fundamental characteristics of Oringone's order service, which offers clients the possibility of ordering their own o-rings using our O-ring configurator, and benefiting from a bespoke compression-moulding production process, in which the high quality of our products is combined with differentiated delivery times.

While normal product delivery times are in the order of weeks, Oringone offers four different delivery solutions according to the degree of urgency. These range from delivery in 10 working days, to just 7 days, right down to as few as 4 days or even 24-48 hours, with corresponding surcharges on standard prices.

The Xpress service is available for all types of production based on the materials available at the time of order, which is something that clients can check at any time on our website and O-ring online store. This option was designed to cater for the need for reduced lead times that can arise when faced with urgent orders to be fulfilled, emergencies or last-minute requests.

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