Eight and a half metres: this is the diameter of an O-ring made by ORINGONE for an enormous telescope in Peru. Total customisation, and the highest levels of performance. There are no limits to the large-diameter O rings that ORINGONE can make.

In fact, quality, performance, flexibility and high-profile service are ORINGONE’s hallmarks. By means of a state-of-the-art compression step-moulding manufacturing process, the company has developed a prestigious reputation for the production of large-diameter O-rings, custom O rings and calibrated O ring cords.

Think big. ORINGONE and an approach that challenges the O-ring market

“Like many things born from an idea, two words summarise our identity: ‘think big’. We want to give our customers the chance to do exactly that”, explains Eric Marchesi, CEO of ORINGONE, for whom thinking big is much more than just a slogan, it is a true business approach. It identifies the characteristics of the O-rings made by ORINGONE, the approach shared by the company’s founders, and the corporate objectives.

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“Think big’ because we manufacture O-rings of all sizes, we are not restricted by any limitations as a result of our manufacturing process, and we ‘think big’ because when we founded the company, we wanted to be different, offering something that went beyond what had been done up until then. Our objective is to become European leaders in the large diameter O ring sector, giving our clients a service of highest quality, and our employees the best possible conditions of work”.

The process that ORINGONE utilises to manufacture its O-rings makes everything simpler, enabling the production of O-rings with very high levels of performance. No limits on size, zero mould production costs, and no minimum order size are factors that make ORINGONE the ideal business partner for whatever requirements.

ORINGONE. O-rings with high levels of technical performance

At ORINGONE, quality is synonymous with advanced technology, and the company, with its high level of innovation, is one of the few businesses in this sector on the Register of Innovative SMEs: “Our idea of quality refers to the performance that our O-rings can provide, based on precision in size tolerance, the absence of surface defects, and the quality of the product itself”.

The possibility of manufacturing O-rings of any size is a fundamental factor in ORINGONE’s product range. “We offer a very high standard of quality for all the sizes that we are capable of manufacturing”, explains Eric Marchesi. “Currently, using traditional systems, products can be made only up to a size of two metres, but we can manufacture high-quality O-rings of even larger dimensions".

ORINGONE. Over 20 years’ experience with large-diameter O-rings

Flexibility is another of ORINGONE’s hallmarks, in terms of both products and service. “As regards products, with a single mould we can make O-rings in all the diameters that the client needs, because our O-ring moulds offer exceptional flexibility and they can be adapted to the sizes of the O rings ordered by the customer”.

Flexibility does not mean simply making O-rings of all sizes, but also the possibility of purchasing O-rings of non-standard diameter without having to invest in specific moulds and equipment, and without a minimum order size. “In addition, we offer rapid (XPRESS) delivery services for an extra fee, something that is highly appreciated by our clients. In fact, we can deliver even within 48 hours from the order”.

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ORINGONE’s customers can therefore purchase O-rings of any size, without having to pay for the mould, with no set-up costs, and without any minimum batch sizes, with the possibility of delivery in 48 hours, and total flexibility.

The ORINGONE O-ring online store. Express orders and quotations

In addition to these technical and economic benefits, ORINGONE also offers its service “Order O-rings online”, which offers two possibilities: quotations for O-rings (O ring calculator), and buy O-rings online (O ring store).

Using the O-ring configurator on the ORINGONE e-commerce portal you can configure all products to receive a quotation whenever you like. The online oring store, ORINGONE’s O-ring store online service enables you to complete a purchase in just a few minutes, choosing all the product specifications for complete customisation and arranging shipping using the most convenient methods and timescale.

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