We are excited to introduce our new website and shop, designed to embody our motto "THINK BIG". Just like our constantly evolving O-rings, we aim for innovative and engaging solutions to enhance your shopping experience.

The New Website

Welcome to our new site!

With a captivating visual impact, our homepage warmly invites you to explore the latest updates. The new dynamic search bar suggests interesting topics based on your previous searches, making it easier to navigate and find what you need.

In the product and materials sections, you'll find updated technical sheets, new products, and plenty of additional information.

3 New Services

  • 100% Report: Get complete control over the pieces in the purchased lot.
  • Surface Finishings: Additional processing to reduce O-ring roughness and meet even stricter ISO 3601-3 grade S standards.
  • Dimensional Tolerance: Our production standards adhere to ISO 3601-3 Grade N and ISO 3601-1 Class B. We can now also comply with stricter standards like ISO 3601-3 Grade S and ISO 3601-1 Class A.

Our Xpress and Xtend shipping services and the O-ring Calculator for custom parameters are still available.

2 New Sections: "Quality and Safety" and "Sustainability"

Here you can discover our commitments to environmental sustainability, high product quality, workplace safety, and creating a serene work environment.

The New Shop

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new shop, featuring advanced functionality, updated graphics, and more detailed offerings.

Now, you can purchase small O-rings from the EZTRA FFKM range, available in sizes from 1 mm to 199 mm, with special FFKM EZTRA and ETP compounds.

Discover the new purchasing system: select diameter, cross-section, material, and quantity. Customize the packaging and choose the best offer.

Small O-rings

Small O-rings can be purchased with three alternative shipping methods to provide you with the best service:

  1. Stock: Immediate availability.
  2. Standard: Order delivery based on a 6-week production time.
  3. Splitted: Split delivery to receive a partial quantity of the order as soon as possible, with the remaining part following production times.

Large O-rings

Updates have also been made for large and customizable O-rings with two new features:

  1. Best Next Price: Choose between your configuration and the best prices for this item based on higher quantities.
  2. Alternative Xpress: If Xpress is unavailable for your compound, our system now offers the opportunity to choose an alternative material with active Xpress shipping.

Discover how to make the most of the new shop features with our video tutorials.

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