O rings are elastomer rings with a circular cross-section. They withstand various types of stress, and are resistant to changes in both the O-ring section and its diameters. These characteristics make them amongst the finest seals of all in terms of flexibility. For this reason, they are extensively used in industry, for static, dynamic, axial and radial applications.

O-ring. Over a century’s history in Europe and the USA

The technological innovation that hallmarks O-rings is the result of a history lasting for over a century. In fact, the first patent filed for an o ring by Swedish inventor J.O. Lundberg dates back to 1896.

Almost fifty years later, O-rings crossed the ocean: it was Danish machinist and inventor Niels Christensen who filed a patent for O-rings in the USA, in addition to having patented an air brake used on trams. Though he conducted a long legal battle to retain the patent rights for O-rings, the intellectual ownership of this technology was assigned to a number of organisations, comprising even the Westinghouse company.

When the Second World War broke out, the United States government included O-rings amongst the products considered essential for the war effort, giving many manufacturers the possibility of making them. By way of compensation for his intellectual property, Christensen was paid $75,000, followed by an additional payment to his heirs, but only after many law suits.

O-rings today. ORINGONE and its technological innovation

From Lundberg’s and Christensen’s patents right through to today, O-rings have developed considerably, reaching high standards of technological innovation. ORINGONE is hallmarked by its specialisation in the manufacture of large O-rings and calibrated O-ring cords, utilising a ground-breaking production process that ensures highest standards of performance, by means of the compression-moulding process used, more specifically Compression Step-Moulding for O-Rings, or CO.SM.O.

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ORINGONE’s o-ring manufacturing process makes everything simpler, permitting the production of O-rings offering very high levels of performance with no size limits, zero mould production costs and no minimum order size. These features make ORINGONE the ideal partner for all sealing requirements.

The benefits of choosing O-rings by ORINGONE

When compared to other gasket seal products, an O-ring offers many more benefits:

  • Versatile. O-rings can be used to solve many different critical sealing issues;
  • Adaptable. A wide range of compounds to handle a variety of applications;
  • Economical. An O-ring enables quality solutions at low cost;
  • Ease of assembly.

In addition to these specific benefits offered by O-rings, ORINGONE adds another two:

  • No size limits. ORINGONE can manufacture every O-ring sizes, starting from 200.00 mm inside diameter;
  • No minimum order. With ORINGONE, even a single O-ring can be ordered, offering notable savings.

Oringone. An O-ring online store for purchases or quotation

In addition to these technical and economic benefits, ORINGONE has also developed the first e-commerce platform with configurator to order O-rings online. This service offers two possibilities: quotations for custom O-rings with our o ring dimension calculator, and online O-ring sales.

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  • O ring configurator. On the ORINGONE e-commerce portal you can configure the products you need with our o ring dimension calculator and obtain a quote yourself. In fact, on the website you can choose totally customisable O-rings and calibrated O-ring cord, setting details of size, materials, specifications and quantity.
  • O ring online store. The ORINGONE O-ring store service enables you to complete a purchase in just a few minutes, choosing all product features by means of comprehensive customisation, and arranging shipping with the most convenient methods and timescale.

Create the O-ring ideal for your technical requirements and purchase it directly at our O-ring shop.

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