Mechanical seals are largely used in several industrial application, such as automotive, naval, industrial equipment and also residential.

The main job of a Mechanical Seals is to prevent the fluid, used in a machine, from leaking to the external environment.

Inside a Mechanical Seals you can find primary and secondary seals, usually secondary seals are orings because of the ductility of such gasket, they can seal even if the counter surface is not perfectly finished, they can stand moderate misalignment of the system and they keep sealing also in presence of vibrations. Orings are also simple to assemble and easy to find in the market.

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Mechanical seals can work in very harsh environments with a wide range of temperatures, that is the reason why standard elastomers might not be enough, in those case the perfect solution is FFKM compounds (Perfluoroelastomers).

Perfluoroelastomers are the elastomeric form of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). They have a fluorinated base structure; they are the most chemically resistant elastomers on the market and can tolerate extremely high temperatures. FFKM have high resistance to steam, solvents and ozone.

Our Perfluorelastomer compound are called EZTRA®, we have several families that can cover all Mechanical Seals application range, FDA approved, for hight temperature and for chemically aggressive environments.

  • EZTRA® HT Very High Temperatures
  • EZTRA® CH Chemical Aggression
  • EZTRA® LT Low Temperatures
  • EZTRA® FB+M Food Beverage and Medical
DensityHardnessTensile StrengthElongationtr 10C.SET 48H % (°C)C.SET 72H % (°C)T. MinT. Max