One of the applications in which the O-Ring is fundamental is that of drum presses.

Drum presses are pumping and melting devices that allow the dosing of thermoplastic materials directly into the production line. They are usually made up of a piston (plate) press, a structure that guarantees rigidity to the pressure exerted by the plate and a series of pumps and valves that regulate the flow of the material. The material to be dosed is stored in drums of various diameters, which are positioned under the piston, which compresses the material allowing it to be dosed.

The O-Rings mounted on the disc of the plate mounted at the end of the pressing unit allow the seal during the compression phase of the fluid contained in the drums avoiding, on the one hand, the leakage of the same from the pressing unit side and on the other hand the protection of the same from external agents (such as dirt, dust or air itself) that would compromise the quality and the maintenance of the original state.

Many types of drum presses adapt to the materials to be dosed, the different types of use and the different production lines. The sectors that use them are automotive, graphic arts, coatings and sealing, especially for types of adhesive solutions (such as hot melt) and waterproofing (foaming and polyurethane agents).

In ORINGONE we produce O-Rings with a large diameter and cross-section for drum presses, guaranteeing thanks to our production system the characteristics and performance required by these applications, with all the advantages that distinguish it. We can produce cord cross-sections up to 60 mm and without diameter limits, allowing you to mount any O-Ring you need without having to make new moulds or modify the cavities according to them. On the contrary, we adapt the size of the O-Ring according to the design of the plate.

You can try to configure it in our shop, but don’t forget to check which is the right material for your application by choosing the correct one among all those available.

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