The o-rings by Oringone are the result of a multi-certified process. Alongside ISO 9001 quality certification, which has now become a fundamental standard for the market, Oringone, a company located in Italy’s so-called “Rubber Valley,” has chosen to adopt various other certifications: “a choice dictated by a specific aspect of our company policy,” explains Leonardo Manoiero, Director of Quality, Environment, Energy and Workplace Safety Management Systems at Oringone. “The ownership is deeply committed to respect for the environment, and this is reflected by concrete actions. Our approach to safety is also considered essential, and in fact we are among the few companies to have attained certification in this sector. Respect for the environment, for the people who work for us and for our clients are undeniably positive factors, and we have decided to invest in this area.”

Oringone o-rings. Products of impeccable quality, monitored across the entire supply chain

“Even in the case of non-standard o-ring sizes with a specific customised internal diameter,” says Leonardo, “we can provide a guarantee of their quality, in compliance with ISO 3601-1 and 3601-3 quality standards. In addition to the possibility of manufacturing custom o-rings of any size, our products comply with specific standards throughout the entire production process.”

The checks performed on Oringone’s o-rings begin with the raw materials. “Before starting use of the mix that has been ordered, we perform specific, highly precise tests, an operation that we have incorporated into our company procedures and that is a fundamental, integrated component in our management system.”

Every department has its own procedures as regards quality control plan. In total, at least 13 checks are implemented during the entire production process, so that “we can be 100% certain that our o-rings conform to specifications. In addition, our products always undergo a further final inspection, with a battery of checks guaranteed by the 3.1 certificate in compliance with ISO EN 10204 for each batch of o-rings, verifying diameter dimensions, cord thickness and hardness value, utilising unique, state-of-the-art instruments. All tests have to be passed successfully before the product can be shipped.”

Additional procedures are linked to the maintenance of all plant and equipment, which must always be up-dated and fully implemented, as well as the operational procedures performed by office staff. “Every aspect of our company helps ensure that our clients receive products and service of absolute quality,” says Manoiero.

Oringone certified as green: o-rings and their packaging

In the manufacture of rubber o-rings, incorporating environmental certification is a difficult task, and Oringone has decided to meet this challenge by qualifying for ISO 14001 certification. High-level extraction and filtration plants, strict procedures for manufacturing processes and product disposal, and a series of internally-specified targets all contribute to making Oringone a green company.

In addition to the certification, along with compliance with EU regulations on air, soil and groundwater pollution, “there are the eco-friendly solutions adopted by Oringone, such as the use of bags manufactured in part using recycled plastic for o-ring packaging, low-volume cardboard boxes made from partially recycled and FSC-certified material, and plastic-free, biodegradable shipping bags.”

Oringone O-rings. Saving energy during production

For Oringone, buying green O-rings doesn’t mean simply products developed with a focus on sustainable manufacturing processes: in fact, the company has also opted to dedicate attention to energy management systems as well.

This decision takes tangible form in ISO 50001 certification. “We are not a particularly energy-intensive company, but nonetheless we constantly monitor the energy utilised in the various o-ring production departments,” says Manoiero. “We ensure that machinery, lights and plant are not operating when they are not required and that there is no unnecessary waste. The o-rings that we manufacture are at our habitual levels of quality, but now there is an additional level of care, a corporate decision reflecting a greater respect for the environment and its resources.”

Oringone means safety. Maximum protection for the people making o-rings

“Our o-rings are manufactured with utmost respect for the wellness of our employees. In fact, in addition to the environment and energy, the company also dedicates great attention to the protection of its staff.

Not only do we comply with Italian safety regulations, we have also obtained ISO 45001, a certification dedicated to occupational health and safety management systems, and we do everything to ensure that all forms of the technology that we have adopted are implemented to protect those using them.” Ensuring a healthy and safe working environment is a guarantee not only of ethics but also of reliability for Oringone’s clients.

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