Our story begins back in 2002 from a sperimental project born to create a production system that allows to produce O-Rings with non standard dimensions in series.
Requests from marketplace went to a point that traditional methods used to supply big diameter O-Rings (hot jointing or using several glues) couldn't be accepted anymore for high performances needed applications. Everything came from an insane idea and for more than 5 years we worked on that, experimenting designing and realising brand new machineries, tools and procedures that never been created before.

Supported by Duci S.r.l. and F.lli Paris group, OringOne started moving towards the world in some of the most demanding industry fields gaining popularity and confidence in marketplaces as energy production, maritime, big working machineries and especially in all those branches of the mechanical industry where there was the real need of big O-Rings with really high performances.

After years of cohabitation with Duci S.r.l., in the last days of 2010 OringOne S.r.l. was officially created and, showing itself an its products to the international marketplace with its own corporate image and administration and commercial structure, introduced its innovative articles and services. Nowadays, with Duci S.r.l., we are able to offer to our customers the most complete range of O-Rings you can find in the world and, with the several companies of our SEALCORE Network, we can say to be one of the leading groups in the production and supply of gum, metal-gum, plastic and technic material articles. For further infos click on the banner below.